Nautilus Clone Watch

Like most brands, after leaving the watch exhibition, Patek Philippe released new watches one after another, making expectations longer.
In April, the first wave of new watches issued by Patek Philippe was 4 pieces of the Nautilus series. The first piece was the travel time chronograph Ref.5990/1R-001, which was made of rose gold with a blue sunburst dial.
The second piece is the high jewellery version of the ladies' watch, Ref. 7118/1450R-001, which is made of snowflakes inlaid with diamonds.
Here comes the point, two pieces of extremely hot green-faced Nautilus. Not long ago, the 5711 blue-faced steel Nautilus officially announced the discontinuation, which means that the original steel 5711 is completely delisted, and the appearance of the green Ref.5711/1A-014 can be regarded as the finishing touch. The first time, really the first time, a 1:1 5711/1A-014 clone version with a green dial appeared on the market of replica watches.
Green Patek Philippe Nautilus Clone Watch
Patek Philippe super clone Green Patek Philippe Nautilus Clone Watch The perfect size, movement, and color. Although some colors look good, they may be out of date in half a year and will not be chosen.

The last thing is a watch that seems ordinary, Ref. 5236P-001 side-by-side window perpetual calendar watch, at 12 o'clock is a panoramic window, which can display the day, date and month side by side. The diameter is 41.3 mm. For Patek Philippe, This adds another member to the watch with calendar function, and of course, it also provides a new layout for the perpetual calendar. As for its replica watch, no one on the market produces it, because its movement is really difficult to imitate.
Patek Philippe 5236P-001
The seemingly small details are integrated with the function without destroying the overall beauty. This watch is a platinum case, the blue dial is decorated with vertical satin, the edges are black gradient effect, and the thickness is 11.07 mm, which is comfortable to wear.

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