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Regarding the question about Rolex, the most representative one is the Green Hulk. When the new Green Hulk first appeared in September last year, the price rose for a while, and it was even called 23,000 usd. But recently, Green Water Ghost actually has a channel that has fallen below 19,000 usd, which is the lowest price since the listing of Green Hulk. (And its highest quality replica watch, the price has always been 800-1300 usd best submariner replica )
Green Hulk
The performance of other steel watches is not much different, such as the rolex daytona, which remains at 30,000 usd, which will not change much. (Its best daytona replica, the price is around 1000 usd)
best daytona replica
The price of rolex GMT Pepsi also declined slightly, but the market price basically remained at around 19,000 usd. ( The price of its best gmt pepsi replica is 800 usd )
best gmt pepsi replica
In contrast, the popular gold Rolex is still on the rise, the most representative green gold Daytona, the price is 57000 usd. (Its replica watch price is more than 1300 usd)
green gold Daytona replica
How to choose under the market? Winter is also a relatively off-season for steel watches. It can be regarded as an hour to start with popular steel laborers. In addition, I think: "If you really want to buy, you don't have to worry about the price difference of several hundred dollars, and you don't need to pay too much attention to those you don't want to buy."
The strong contrast I made today is to ease everyone's anxiety. I have seen too many people who are deeply stuck in Rolex purchases. If you look up, you will realize that your entangled little money can't splash any water, and it won't affect your life. Finally, I want to say that the market is always changing rapidly. When some hot spots are close to saturation or crazy, there will always be new opportunities.

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