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Green is a very popular watch dial color this year. Someone asked me about the green chronograph replica watches before, and the Monaco series of TAG Heuer green discs flashed in my mind. TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre Heuer 02 chronograph with green dial, limited to 500 pieces. So you can consider its best super clone watches.
green Tag Heuer Monaco replica

Today I will take you to review this Monaco series with its own magical story.
Many brands have classic models that lay the groundwork. For TAG Heuer, the Monaco series has an unshakable position. It has been active for several decades, and recently, special models have been frequently launched. Speaking of history, the Monaco series, which was born in 1969, was also a legend that year. On March 3, 1969, TAG Heuer simultaneously released this series in New York and Geneva. The metal blue dial, red and light blue hands, square case and the crown on the left are all subversive design languages.
This series is named after the F1 Monaco Grand Prix, and it is still closely related to various events. A classic is never just because of its long years of existence, it will also be accompanied by stories that people talk about. For example, in 1971, the legendary movie star Steve McQueen wore the Monaco series of watches in the movie "Hurricane".

The Monaco series has had a lot of interpretations over the years. In addition to the bold red and green series we just saw, it has also played with color contrast. For example, in 2018, TAG Heuer cooperated with Gulf Oil International to launch the Monaco series Gulf watch. This watch also has a lot of super clone watches. The dial adds the famous light blue and orange striped racing colors of Gulf Petroleum. The leather strap is also in petroleum blue with orange top stitching. The color strap is also used at rolex yacht-master clone.
Tag Heuer Monaco clone watch

Of course, there is also the blue Tag Heuer Monaco clone watch, which is also equipped with a stainless steel strap, which is still 39 mm in size. Its case is made of light and hard grade 2 titanium. After sandblasting, the visual Matte effect can be felt on top.

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